What is Person Centered Planning?

Centra Wellness Network provides wellness-oriented services and support for individuals with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities and for children with emotional disturbances. Our purpose is to help qualified individuals of all ages in their pursuit of happiness by removing any barriers to achieve good mental health and to fully participate in community life, utilizing all its resources in accordance with their individual needs, wants, and desires.

Once a person is determined to qualify for Centra Wellness supports and services, the process of getting to the services that meet the purpose described above is called Person Centered Planning (PCP). With the assistance of a Centra Wellness Supports Coordinator, this requires full participation of the person wanting services and his/her chosen significant others (if the person so wishes) to ensure that the person’s needs, wants and desires are addressed in an individual plan of service. The individual plan of service can be amended at any time as the person progresses with his/her life.

The supports and services resulting from this process are provided on an individual basis, regardless of diagnosis, or, if the person chooses, in small groups. The person has the right to choose which staff person he/she wishes to utilize as support staff within reasonable financial and organizational parameters of Centra Wellness Network, including any of our service provider organizations. Within the same parameters, the person also has a right to hire his/her own support staff with the potential use of a Fiscal Intermediary (a third party that is used to help the person to manage an allocated support budget).