Brenna, QA Manager

Brenna has been employed at CWN since 2014.  Brenna is a forward thinking supervisor/leader, always anticipating future needs for the CAPS group. She works tirelessly to effect positive change on a daily basis, improving the overall success of the CAPS role within the agency.
The CAPS Room Makeover is Amazing! Brenna had a vision for the CAPS room, obtained the approval of Chip and the CWN Board members, and made it happen! The time, thought, and perseverance she put forth in making our work area very professional and enjoyable to work in is much appreciated.
With her talent for shuffling schedules, Brenna has made it possible for both the Call Center and Clerical staff to attend an assortment of training opportunities! She even birthed the first CAPS Retreat! She has been a breath of fresh air to our department and we look forward to an exciting future!"
Way to go Brenna!