Chris, Mental Health Clinician - Children's Services

Chris has been employed with CWN since 2011. He never hesitates to step in and help a coworker, whether in crisis, adult services or with children.

Here is how his nomination for Employee of the Month read:

"As a new kid on the block learning your way around a new program can be daunting and overwhelming at times. Everyone has been very helpful, warm, and intentional in making me feel welcome. This is especially true of my supervisor Katie and the Children's Team.  However, I am nominating Chris  because he has gone way out of his way by driving me around to all the schools in both Benzie and Manistee introducing me to the principles, their administrative assistants ( the most influential and important people to know), school counselors and special education teachers. He was so warmly greeted by everyone and
welcomed with warm handshakes, wide smiles and hearty hellos that I quickly realized how respected he was and what a wonderful representative he is of Centra Wellness in our school communities. It was indeed a great privilege to have him take me around. Giving up one's day truly is a gift and I am very grateful to Chris for his act of kindness and generosity."

Way to go Chris!