Mary, Mental Health Clinician

Mary has been an employee at CWN since 2005. She always goes above and beyond, is always accessible to the team and willing to help out wherever her talents are needed. Currently, Mary is wearing many hats, in and outside of the agency. She has taken the initiative to become team leader of DBT in the absence of her colleague, is a part of the crisis team and tirelessly works as an out patient therapist. While working at Centra Mary also utilizes her wealth of knowledge to help those who suffer from Substance Use Disorder, as she is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.

Mary is an active member of Manistee, and interacts with community members with the same exemplary standards of ethics and integrity that she displays at work, as integrity is an inherent part of Mary's being. Mary is the ISD Board of Directors Chairperson and Chair for the Girl Scout Board of Directors. She is a founding member of Manistee County Family Advocates, local Children's Trust Fund Council - establishing for the council to receive twice the amount of funding for prevention of child abuse in Manistee County as what had been put in place initially. Additionally Mary helped found Choices, a local domestic violence program, providing support and shelter for victims / survivors of domestic violence. She continues to serve on the Choices Board. Twice, Mary was selected as an Athena Award Nominees - (for demonstrating professional excellence, contributing time and talent to improving Manistee County of Life - Assisting women in attaining their leadership potential.)

In conclusion, it goes without saying, that it is apparent that Mary has enriched the lives of many people at work and in her community. I believe with her motivation, passion and drive, she will continue to do so, and for that, I believe I can speak for myself and many, that we are truly grateful and privileged to work with you, Mary.