I want to see your psychiatrist/ I need medications...

The purpose of our medical service is to assist our patients of all ages to achieve necessary physical and psychiatric care, providing recovery resulting in increased independence and an improved quality of life. Centra Wellness Network supports family preservation and encourages patient choice and involvement.

Centra Wellness Network collaborates with Crystal Lake Clinic, West Shore Medical Center, Catholic Human Services  , Michigan Community Dental ClinicsBenzie - Leelanau District Health Department, District Health Department #10, Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan  and Northwest Michigan Health Services.. as well as other providers in our area. 

Referrals to our medical services are received from various entities within our community.


We provide the following medical services…

  1. Psychiatric identification, assessment, and diagnosis to determine the specific needs of the patient
  2. Medication review
  3. Administration of injectable psychotropic medications
  4. Personal crisis response and stabilization
  5. Planning, linking, coordination, follow-up, education and monitoring regarding medication issues
  6. Nursing case management
  7. Health plan evaluations
  8. Nursing assessments for elderly patients
  9. Community education involving psychiatric and/or medication issues


We strive to…

  1. Lessen the symptoms of mental illness, optimize the functioning, and obtain recovery for the individuals served
  2. Participate in the design, organization, delivery and ongoing evaluation of treatment services
  3. Provide resource consultation on psychiatric issues and topics to the medical community in general, and to primary care community in particular
  4. Provide psychiatric practitioners’ oversight of treatment services in adherence to the requirements of Medicaid, other third party carriers, and various managed care entities
  5. Ensure, at a minimum, that quarterly medication reviews are conducted with customers receiving psychiatric services from the agency
  6. Minimize the utilization of state psychiatric facilities by seeking admissions to community hospitals for those patients in need of inpatient care for their mental illness
  7. Reduce the frequency of inpatient psychiatric admissions by collaborating with intensive case management and/or hospital diversion services for those customers at risk of hospitalization


Our standards of care are…

  1. Medical services are provided under medical practice standards established and governed by the State Department of Community Health, the Michigan Mental Health Code, and other applicable state and federal laws are followed
  2. Our Medical Director oversees the medical services
  3. A patient appointment with an agency prescribing practitioner will occur as soon as possible following the request for service, within the framework of available agency resources and staff, and the patient’s level of need at any given point in time. 
  4. The Medical Director and agency prescribing practitioner have the right to refuse services to patients who will not sign a release of information to other prescribing health care professionals, including their primary care provider allowing, at a minimum, communication of the current medication regimen.  He/she may also refuse services to patients who refuse to sign the Medication Treatment Agreement and/or violate said agreement. This is done as a safety measure; to ensure all health care professionals involved can provide safe, effective treatment to mutual customers.
  5. Practitioners will provide medical service coverage for one another so that patients will receive continuity of care in the event their assigned health provider is unavailable.  This back up coverage consists of writing prescriptions, providing crisis medical appointments, consultations with outside agencies and primary providers, and hospital discharge follow-up appointments.
  6. Practitioners may give additional prescriptions completed for samples after reviewing prior prescription and progress note of the original prescribing provider.  Any approved health medical provider may provide prescriptions for samples. 


Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment at one of our service sites please call 877.398.2013 during regular business hours.


Preparation Info

When you call, please have the following information available to speed up wht registration process. All information is confidential:

  • Social Security number
  • Insurance information
  • Primary care physician's name & phone number
  • Emergency contact information
  • List of any current meds
  • Any other information you think would be useful