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Community Service and Relations Committee Award

Over the year, the Staff and Board of Centra Wellness Network takes time to recognize partners throughout the community who contributed to our communities by improving the lives of individuals with mental illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities. The work of these individuals and organizations assist with daily needs, provides needed resources, assures treatment options are accessible, or provide the supports needed for initiatives and programs that can make a significant difference in the life a persons living with illness and/or disabilities. Centra Wellness over the years with the Leadership of CEO, Chip Johnston has made efforts to assure community partnerships. Working with others within each community can only have positive outcomes. More resources (people and organizations working together) provides more ability to "lift the heavy work loads", and CWN has found many people and organizations willing to share in this process. Working together to find outcomes for the most challenging of issues facing our communities makes us all more successful and the outcomes are all positive for persons who really need our support and assistance. This award represents the hard work that occurs, and the joint efforts made working together, CWN is proud to recognize their partners and associates in this mission:

  • Leanne Witucki; Manistee ARC
  • Sharron Lemmer; Manistee HSCB
  • Mike Savage and Jennifer O'Brien; MDHHS (Benzie County)
  • Cameron Clarke, Family Division 19th Judicial Circuit Court
  • Clinton McKinven-Copus; Manistee Housing Commission
  • Jon Hauswirth; Prosecuting Attorney
  • Dottie Batchelder; Behavioral Health, LRBOI

Thank you for all you do!