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Red Med Boxes Are at Four Manistee Area Locations

Red Med Boxes Are at Four Manistee Area Locations.

Red Med Boxes look like a red mail box but are for the proper disposal of unwanted over-the- counter and prescription medications.  They are currently located at: Family Fare, Manistee City Police, Manistee Sherriff’s office, and The Little River Band of Ottawa Tribal Police Station. 

Using them is easy.  Simply bring in all your unwanted medications, in the original container, mark out the patient’s name with black marker, DON’T mark out the medication name, go to the lobby of one of the drop off sites, put your medications in the box and your done.  There is no need to check in or sign any paperwork. That’s all there is to it!   The medication will be routinely collected by law enforcement and then taken to an incinerator for disposal. 

By properly disposing of unused medications, you are contributing to a safer community by eliminating environmental waste and keeping them out of the reach of children or out of the hands of people who could misuse them. 

This effort was started out of the need to address the opioid epidemic by decreasing the number of opioids in the community by providing easy access for safe disposal of unused medications.  According to the latest MAPS (Michigan’s’ Automated Prescription System) statistics- there were over 76 Opioid and Narcotic pills (or 1.2 prescriptions) prescribed per person in Michigan in 2016! (

Manistee City Police Chief Tim Kozal and Cheryl Kobernik from Centra Wellness Network partnered to write a grant to fund this project.  The purchase of the boxes was made possible through funding from Public Act 2 (Liquor Tax Funds) through the Northern Michigan Regional Entity.  The grant awarded was for $3,489.00 which covers the cost to purchase, paint, and printing.  The Manistee Substance Education & Awareness (SEA) coalition is responsible for the media campaign. 

Look for the Red Med Boxes next time you are out in the community, using them can save a life!

Red Med Boxes accept all medications (pill, liquid, patch, etc.) but sorry- no sharps or lancets.

Red Med Box will accept:

  • Expired or unused meds
  • Over the counter meds
  • Antibiotics/steroids
  • Cold and flu medication
  • Vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Medication samples
  • Pet medications
  • Medicated ointment, lotion, drops
  • Unopended epi-pens
  • Liquid Medication


Red Med Box will NOT accept:

  • Needles/lancets/syringes
  • Thermometers
  • IV Bags
  • Bloody or infectious waste
  • Hydrogen Peroxide, rubbing alcohol, etc
  • Business Waste
  • Empty Containers
  • Personal care products
  • Used epi-pens
  • Aerosol cans
  • Electronic devices (diabetes testers, etc)
  • Inhalers