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SpartanNash introduces Timely Meds™ prescription packaging program in Michigan pharmacies to help customers better monitor medications


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Meredith Gremel, Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Communications, 616-878-2830


SpartanNash introduces Timely Meds™ prescription packaging program in Michigan pharmacies to help customers better monitor medications

Personalized pill punch pack service makes taking medications simple and convenient

Customers who have five or more medications encouraged to enroll in the Timely Meds™ service

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – To make taking multiple medications easier and more organized, SpartanNash will begin offering a first-of-its-kind pharmacy service at each of its 61 Michigan pharmacies. The Timely Meds™ service – with a 28-day set of personalized pill punch packs – will be offered at D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare Supermarkets, Forest Hills Foods and VG’s stores throughout the state, beginning Sunday, May 6.

“The Timely Meds service and packaging gives our customers the ability to take their medications on time, every time,” said Eddie Garcia, SpartanNash director of pharmacy merchandising. “It eliminates the need for customers to fill their own pill boxes or keep track of the ‘where, when and how much’ questions that go along with multiple medications, saving them time and giving them peace of mind. Timely Meds pill punch packs are a convenient reminder designed around your specific medication needs. They are also helpful for family members who may be monitoring an older relative’s medications remotely.”

Initially, the Timely Meds packaging service will be available to customers who have five medications or more. Customers can also include over the counter medications and vitamins in their Timely Meds pill punch packs, provided they are prescribed by their physician.

There is no additional charge for the Timely Meds service, just the cost of the medications that go into the pre-dosed pill punch packs.

The Timely Meds personalized pill punch pack provides a four-week supply of medications, with compartments for morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

Every 28 days, SpartanNash pharmacists contact the customer to verify no changes have been made in their medications. If adjustments are needed, pharmacists will work directly with the customer’s physician and insurance company to update the Timely Meds pill punch pack, checking for drug interactions and other safeguards.

To enroll in the free service, customers can visit any of the 61 SpartanNash stores in Michigan that offer pharmacy services, including Family Fare SupermarketsD&W Fresh MarketForest Hills Foods and VG’s Grocery stores. There, they’ll consult with their pharmacist to monitor medications and organize prescriptions.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, those who use personalized pill packs to administer their medication are more than 90 percent adherent in taking their medications on time and as prescribed. Those who take their medications directly out of the bottle are only 65 percent adherent.

“As health care providers, we want to get the best outcome for our patients,” Garcia said. “And the best outcome is taking your medications as prescribed. Timely Meds packaging makes taking your medications simple and convenient.”


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