About Us

Centra Wellness Network is the publicly funded Community Mental Health Service Provider for Manistee and Benzie Counties. In collaboration with providers and community partners, Centra Wellness Network serves more than 1,200 individuals annually. Most of these individuals are insured through Medicaid or have no insurance coverage.


We see a community where everyone's life is valued, has meaning, and each person is treated with dignity and respect.


Enhancing freedom to lead a meaningful life through quality behavioral healthcare, leadership, promoting individual wellness, and teamwork within our community.


  • Embracing and Supporting a Life of Recovery
  • Transparency in Decision-Making
  • Positive Work and Treatment Environment
  • Responsive to Community Needs

Standards of Conduct 

Centra Wellness Network is committed to conducting the delivery of services and business operations in an honest and lawful manner and consistent with its Vision, Mission, and Values. As such, Centra Wellness Network minimally establishes the following Standards of Conduct:

  • Provide high-quality services consistent with Centra Wellness Network Vision, Mission, and Values;
  • Exercise honesty and integrity in the workplace;
  • Prevent fraud, abuse, and waste;
  • Refrain from knowingly participating in illegal activities
  • Report any actual or suspected violation of the Compliance Plan, Standards of Conduct, agency policies or procedures, or other conduct that is known or suspected to be illegal;
  • Provide accurate information to federal, state, and local authorities and regulatory agencies when applicable;
  • Promote confidentiality and safeguard all confidential information according to policy;
  • Practice ethical behavior regarding relationships with consumers, payers, and other healthcare providers;
  • Protect the integrity of clinical decision-making, basing care on identified medical necessity;
  • Seek to continually maintain and improve work-related knowledge, skills, and competence; and
  • Actively support a safe work environment, free from harassment of any kind.